Volunteer(s) of the Month: Mustard Seeds Knitting Group

Read about the Mustard Seeds in the Centre’s newsletter or on its webpage, and you will be invited to “join a friendly group to knit, share conversation and have tea.”

Which is exactly what happens when you decide to drop in, some Wednesday afternoon. This particular Wednesday, a few extra people have come through the door — not to knit, just to admire, up close, the beautiful woollen throw that veteran member Rose Baghamian has brought in with her.


The visitors soon go on their way, but Mustard Seed regulars also take a moment to enjoy the rich colours and warmth of Irene’s handiwork, before settling down with their own.

Needles click and conversation flows, almost entirely about knitting as group members share tips, patterns and enthusiasm. Penelope Fremes, for example, bends over the cosy chenille scarf that Oriender Mbundu is now close to finishing.

Irene Terry, a very experienced knitter, demonstrates the weaver’s knot.

And everyone shares a laugh when Rae Collins pulls a narrow strip of knitting out of her bag, and announces, “It’s time to work on my tea cosy again!”

This particular item is destined for Rae’s own home, and is being made with her own yarn. However, members create many items to be sold for Centre fund-raising, and for that, they can select free yarn from the cupboards that line the room.

Barbara Murphy is doing just that. More precisely, she is trying to make up her mind between two different yarns. “First I choose the yarn,” she explains. “Then I decide what to make with it!”

Barbara and Penelope are both first-timers, both interested in contributing something for fund-raising purposes. Others, like Sharon Stevenson and Rabab Shadid, are well-established group members. Some are experienced knitters, others … not so much. But they all agree: everyone is welcome. It’s not only a place to knit with friends over a cup of tea, it’s also place to learn about knitting. And to have fun.

Mustard Seeds Knitting Group | Wednesdays, 1-3 p.m.

Story and pictures by Penny Williams.