Volunteer of the Month: Peggy Egli


Peggy Egli laughs, and points out she wasn’t, originally, an SGSC volunteer at all — she was a Revenue Canada volunteer.

“I’m retired and I’m a certified accountant with a business background, so last year I joined a Government program that recruits tax-season volunteers to help seniors with their returns.”

She looked at the list of places involved in the program, and selected the South Granville Seniors Centre. “I chose it purely because of location. But then I found I like it here. I like the atmosphere — there’s always something going on, and people are really friendly.”

And so, Peggy has offered her tax expertise this year as well: one afternoon a week, throughout March and April.

But that’s not all. “At the end of the season last year,” she says, “I knew I wanted to stay involved with the Centre. I went to Alex [Program & Volunteer Coordinator] and asked if there was something else I could do.” Oh yes! said Alex: “I and R.”  

Alex was talking about the Centre’s team of Information and Referral volunteers. Two mornings a week, they meet with seniors by appointment to help them learn about relevant programs and services — things like health, transit, housing and pensions — and then do the necessary paperwork for them to gain access.

It’s a perfect fit for Peggy’ skills, and she is now one of those volunteers. “I have a knack for paperwork,” she says. “I’m good at reading and interpreting a document, and dealing with its requirements.”

Mind you, Peggy doesn’t spend all her time showing paperwork who’s boss. “I love movies, all kinds. And tai chi — I practise Yang style and I’m just starting to learn Chen style as well. Oh, and then there’s travel!”

Just like our Seniors Centre, Peggy Egli always has something going on.

Story and picture by Penny Williams.