Legal Clinics with Access Pro-Bono

Access Pro Bono strives to increase access to justice for individuals of limited means throughout BC. This service provides up to a half-hour of free legal advice from licensed volunteer lawyers (additional appointments may be made). This service is for low-income individuals of any age. Please call to find out if you meet the requirements.

Peer Information and Referral Services

Are you a Vancouver senior (aged 55+), caregiver, or family member in need of help? Our trained information and referral volunteers can provide you with information about government programs and subsidies (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement), Disability Pension, Medical Services Plan, BC Bus Pass, HandyDART, housing subsidies, Power of Attorney and Wills, and more. Volunteers can also help with completing forms for government programs and subsidies and with referrals to health care and advocacy professionals. Please note that we do not provide counselling or advocacy.

Representation Agreements – Planning for End-of-Life Care

Are you prepared for end-of-life? For incapacity? For your future? Learn the steps needed to plan your future from a volunteer trained by Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre (! A Will is not enough. There are other legal documents that are needed to cover your health care wishes and financial affairs in case you are incapacitated due to illness or accident.

Weekly Call List

Would you like someone to check up on you? Receive a friendly phone call once a week from a trained volunteer of the Centre. Our volunteer will check in with you and be available for a short chat. Please call 604-732-0812 to be added to our weekly call list.

Why? For peace of mind, and because we care.