Gentle Yoga

A yoga practice adapted for beginners as well as those interested in a more gentle approach. Using a combination of chair yoga, yoga postures, and gentle breathing, you will learn how to use yoga practice to help you deal with stress, become more relaxed, gain awareness, and keep your body moving with ease. Modifications available for those with restrictions due to health or injury.

Intro to Salsa Dancing

Join us for an accessible introduction to salsa class. Learn the fundamentals of salsa, including its basic steps, rhythm and timing. You’ll gain knowledge and confidence to get out on the dancefloor and start having fun! No partner or experience required.


Taught by an accredited instructor, this class is a BC Women’s Hospital certified falls prevention program for individuals with osteoporosis, low bone density, or who are at risk of fractures. It provides safe, gentle exercises to improve strength, balance, and coordination to reduce your risk of falls, enhance confidence, and reduce the risk of falls.

Stretch and Strength

This class focuses on gentle stretches that help with relaxation, relieving tension, and maintaining your range of motion. It also features gentle strength exercises that target the upper and lower body to increase strength and overall fitness.

Tai Chi

Learn this ancient Chinese martial art form that uses deliberate standing movements, meditation and deep breathing to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Described as “meditation in motion,” this practice improves your flexibility, joint strength, circulation, balance, and coordination and increases your mental focus and awareness, helping you achieve a sense of inner peace.

Walking Club

Let's walk together to get fit! Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise that works your entire body. Walking can reduce the risk of hip fractures, stroke, and heart disease, and protect the brain against memory loss. Our walking club offers various 1-hour walks in the neighbourhood for individuals of all skills levels. Nordic poles available for interested participants.