Brain Gym

Join us for a weekly program that uses imagination, memory, concentration, and improvisation games to improve brain health. These activities have been professionally designed to increase mental focus and well-being in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Computer & Tech Lessons

Receive one-on-one computer and technology instruction from our friendly instructors! Learn how to connect and explore the world through the internet, keep in touch with loved ones through email and social media, and so much more. You can also sign up for beginner and intermediate instruction on how to learn to use your smartphone, laptop, camera, iPad/tablet etc.

Registration required.

Intermediate Spanish

This class expands on the fundamentals of the Spanish language and presents more complex structures in a variety of tenses and modes. You will have an opportunity to further develop your language skills and cultural knowledge through listening, reading, writing, and interactive discussions.

Introduction to Spanish

Expand your universe and learn the basics of Spanish, one of the fastest growing languages in the world! This class provides a positive and supportive environment to learn practical language skills, preparing you for everyday interactions and providing a strong foundation for continued studies in Spanish.

Spanish Conversation Group

Are you a Spanish or English speaker? Join this friendly and accessible Spanish conversation group to practice your language skills with native Spanish speakers in a small, welcoming group.