Lifetime Membership Award

The South Granville Seniors Centre is proud to present the first-ever Lifetime Membership Award. This award is bestowed upon a member who has made a significant and long-standing impact to the community.

The South Granville Seniors Centre is presenting this award to Dolores O’Leary-Shafik. It is with immense pleasure that this award go to her as she has been involved with the Centre for over a decade and has made a huge impact on us all.

At first Dolores started volunteering as a receptionist because of the skills she developed while working as an
administrator. She loved meeting people and quickly became passionate about the Centre’s work and volunteerism.

“Volunteering in retirement has an amazing mutual benefit: it contributes to a worthy cause, provides a sense of purpose and a connection to social networks and a community” she said.

Dolores developed valuable leadership skills while working at an engineering firm and her experiences helped her when she was elected as President of the Board of Directors. She served as President for 3 years. While she was on the Board of Directors she was a wonderful mentor to staff and volunteers.

Dolores has made a huge contribution to our Centre and was instrumental in making it the Centre it is today. Dolores has left a mark on our hearts and will never be forgotten. We thank Dolores for her
commitment to the Centre and all of her efforts throughout the years.

Congratulations Dolores and thank you for everything you have done for us! We love you and we will miss you.