June Trips 2018

This summer the South Granville Seniors Centre organized 14 day trips to beautiful destinations all over British Columbia for our seniors. Over 200 members, non-members and friends joined us on our trips throughout June, July and August. For each trip, we prepared an itinerary of restaurants, shops, museums and galleries to give our adventurers an overview of the things they could do.

For our first trip, we visited the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. We visited the museum’s exhibits on Politics and the Past in Latin America, Northwest Coast Art, and Honouring Indigenous History and Language. We were amazed by the First Nation’s artifacts on display, some of the totem poles were as tall as the building itself! Over 20 people joined us on our trip and it was a lovely start to our Summer 2018 Trip Season!!

On June 25th, we headed to Granville Island to listen to the Steven Lloyd Smith Quartet. The Quartet, one of many performances during for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, included some of this city’s best jazz musicians. The music was upbeat and lively and some of us shimmied out of our chairs and danced. Because we were a small group we were able chat and get to know each other.