Holly Bazaar 2017 Highlights

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers and community members who contributed to our Holly Bazaar! With your help, the Centre raised more than $10,000. Volunteer Penny Williams gathered stories and photographs of our amazing volunteers and the shoppers who came to the Bazaar.

Baking and Jam Table: Volunteers Marlene Nikolopoulos (L) & LaVelle Patterson.

“We like doing things together,” says LaVelle Patterson, a volunteer this year — with Marlene Nikolopoulos — at the Baking and Jam table.


Holly Bazaar lunch: Volunteers Margaret Fiddes (seated) and Priscilla (L) and Luna, standing.

Margaret Fiddes (seated), and Priscilla (left) and Luna (right) all volunteered with the Holly Bazaar lunch service. Luna explains: “I looked on Go Vancouver, and found this. I like to help, and this is close to home. I’m glad I came!” Priscilla grins, and adds: “She got me to come with her. And I like it a lot more than doing homework!” Big laugh. Margaret, a retired Telus employee, is on the Telus Ambassador email list, which lets present and past employees know of upcoming opportunities to volunteer their services around town. “This is my third year with the Holly Bazaar. I like it here, it’s a very friendly place, with a very up-beat atmosphere. If I lived a bit closer, I’d be here regularly as a member.”


Bath & Household Table: Volunteer Chantal Poirier.

Chantal Poirier laughs and says, “I’ve been a volunteer since yesterday! My partner, Charles, accepted a job here, so in June we moved here from Montreal. I looked online, on Go Vancouver, to see volunteer possibilities, I liked this one because it fits my schedule, it is in our neighbourhood, and I like working with seniors.”


Purses & Accessories: Volunteer Judy Gonsalves.

“I’ve volunteered with Holly Bazaar before, but behind the scenes — either setting up, or tearing down afterwards. This is the first year I’ve helped with the selling. I like it!”


Vintage Table: Volunteer Sylvia.


Happy shopper Onya, in front of Vintage Table.

First-time visitor Onya shows off her acquisitions: A big bag, a wall plaque, and a beautiful sterling silver brooch, already pinned to her coat. “I googled online, to see where there were Christmas bazaars this year. Yes, there are lots! I chose this one because it’s right here in my own neighbourhood. And look what I’ve found! I’m especially happy about this brooch.”


People look over the films at the CD’s and DVD’s Table.

Volunteer Colin Mackay: “This is my fourth year, volunteering at the Holly Bazaar. I’ve helped with books before, which is a particular interest of mine, but so are films, so I’m happy to be at this table this year.”


Purses & Accessories Table: Volunteers Jeannie (L), Sylvia (middle, is at the Vintage Goods Table behind), and Judy Gonsalves (bent over, at right).


Santa Clemencia Gomez!


Jewllery Table: Alice Antranikian talking with browsers.


Volunteer Barbara Kirby, member of the Board of Directors, holding artwork she has just sold (and the money she’d just been given for it).


Volunteer Maureen MacDonald, showing items to interested visitors.


Mustard Seeds Knitting Group Table: Volunteer Rabab (L) holds mirror for visitor trying on hat, while volunteer Irene (R) encourages her.

A young woman waits while her mum tries on a knitted beret at the knitted goods table: “I saw this bazaar on Facebook and decided to come, and to bring my mum. I liked the idea, it was local, community-based, seemed like it would be friendly and non-commercial — sort of like when I was a kid, you know?” Her mother comes over, all smiles: “I love to knit, but sometimes the instructions are difficult, and I just learned that there is a knitting group here on Wednesdays. I am going to come to the group!”


Raffle Tickets Table: Volunteers Suzanne Trautmann (L) & Rae Collins (R).

Suzanne Trautmann and Rae Collins are both regular Centre volunteers, and also veteran Holly Bazaar volunteers. Suzanne says, “I volunteer in Reception Tuesday mornings, and Rae volunteers for the afternoon shift. We like to work together. Why also volunteer for the Holly Bazaar? We love to collect money!” (big laugh all around).


Electronics Table: Eduardo Meneses.

Eduardo Meneses: “This is the first time I’ve volunteered for anything with the Seniors Centre, but I am familiar with it, because the Spanish community is here. I’m enjoying myself today! I love talking with people, being part of all this activity.”


Kitchenware: Volunteer Irene Klinka.


Try-on moment: Young woman kicks off her black boots, tries on brown loafers — and a moment later, buys them.